About MathExercise

Our Beliefs

  • Basic math skills are essential for everyday success in all walks of life.
  • Children (and adults) with good math foundation make more informed decisions.
  • Students benefit the most when schools, families and technologies come together.
  • Education tools work best when they benefit those needing help and those wanting challenge.

Our Philosophy

  • Math foundation is best strengthened early in childhood.
  • Math skill set that is fundamental to our daily decisions is our priority.
  • Unlike math concept learning that may be done visually, math skill building is most effective with paper and pencil.
  • Best education tools are simple to use, improve specific skills, and reach out to all.

Our Commitments

  • Provide primary attention to elementary school children's needs in math skill building.
  • Guide systematic skill development with essential numbers (whole numbers, fractions, decimals) and fundamental operations (additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions) that fuel most of our daily decisions.
  • Use internet technology to deliver math tools; encourage paper and pencil use to improve math skills.
  • Develop math programs for school wide and at home use.
  • Keep it simple, affordable, and to the point for students, teachers, and families.